T.S.C.M Intelligence agency specializes in providing creative, high quality solutions in the fields of investigations, intelligence and cyber through two special departments:


Intelligence Department, which is responsible for all investigations, follow-up and special operations worldwide.

The technical department which operates in the global cyber space and is responsible, among other things, for eavesdropping, data recovery from mobile phones and computers, mobile phone spyphone detection, computer investigations, training and development of products intended for intelligence and cyber warfare.

The two departments operate in full cooperation and maximum synergy between them, in order to meet the customer's requirements in the optimal manner. In addition, as part of the company's quality assurance policy, we use only high-quality products that meet the strictest standards.

T.S.C.M Intelligence Agency employs professional, high-quality, experienced and skilled teams in their fields, all of whom are outstanding personnel in the fields of investigation, intelligence, detective, undercover and cyber surveillance, who have been carefully selected and trained to meet the highest standards of quality and service.

Complete Confidentiality

Discretion and reliability without compromise

Advanced Technology

Abilities, methodologies, and advanced equipment

15 Years of experience

Professionalism, capability, and availability wherever needed

T.S.C.M was founded by Dror Ido, a veteran of a special Israeli police unit who also brings more than 15 years of rich experience in the civilian sector.

The agency has all the relevant professional licenses and permits for performing investigations on behalf of the Israel Ministry of Justice, and it is registered and active in the World Association of Detectives, which joins together a thousand detective agencies from 75 countries around the globe.

Thanks to our close networking with colleagues worldwide, and our mutual cooperation with them, our teams can provide broad coverage and coordination along with immediate availability.